[SPOILERS] “Where Am I?” and “Plumbing” Solutions

Hope you had a great time solving last week’s puzzles! And now for the solutions:

The answer to Giao Lee’s puzzle, “Where Am I?,” was CITI FIELD. [Download Solution Walkthrough]

Giao adds this personal note: After two years of liking BTS, the first BTS concert I attended was at Citi Field (in 2018). A year before that, I moved to the States and became severely depressed. I was unable to see my friends, unable to make new friends, and constantly fighting with my mom. Attending their concert was my only motivation to keep going. Along with adapting to a new school in sophomore year, I worked minimum wage to pay for my own plane ticket to New York, the concert ticket, and all travel expenses. I bursted out crying the moment I saw the large “Citi Field” sign because at that moment, I felt like all of my hard work and emotional turmoil paid off, so Citi Field means a lot to me.

The answer to Michael White’s puzzle, “Plumbing” was SAN ANTONIO RIVER WALK. [Download Solution]

Michael’s personal note: Visiting the San Antonio River Walk was truly a magical experience. Entering the River Walk is like descending into a whole different world; the bustle and noise of the city is left behind for a peaceful, picturesque boardwalk lined with lovely little shops and restaurants. It is beyond a doubt the most memorable place I’ve ever visited.