Three Cheers

Hip hip hooray, the new season is here! On the MSP Varsity Cheerleading Squad, the team members always shout three words as they move into a new FORMATION: A word contained (“Rain!”), a rhyming word (“Carnation!”), and definition word (“Arrangement!”). Can you figure out what words they’re forming for the following routines? Then, by putting them all together, you’ll be able to figure out where in New York City this year’s most spectacular routine will be taking place.


Note: Mission Street Puzzles’ interactive puzzles are best viewed in the Chrome browser.

2 thoughts on “Three Cheers

  1. Am I supposed to see something below the paragraph of text? Where are “the following routines”? (I’m browsing w/ Firefox, not a Facebook member, not registered or logged in, if that’s an unstated requirement.)

    1. Mission Street Puzzles is best viewed using the Chrome browser. If you try that, a series of text boxes should show up. Thank you for the feedback, we will investigate the bug as soon as possible!

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