Stark Raven Mad

Dark wings, dark words… With all of these ravens circling about, something ominous is surely about to happen. As the Head of House, it’s your responsibility to keep your House safe. Choose your ravens for your house, consult with the prescient three-eyed raven Bran, and decide where in San Francisco we should convene.


Frequently Asked Questions:

“Do I need to be a Game of Thrones fan to solve this puzzle?” No–in fact, the puzzle author does not watch Game of Thrones at all! However, keep in mind that, as always, online research is fair game and even encouraged.

“How do I submit answers?” Submit final puzzle answers to¬†with your team name!

“What if I’m stuck?” Email, or check out our Beginner’s Guide.

“How do I get T-shirts?” We offer T-shirts for the winning teams (Fastest Solver, First Photo, Best Photo) and a randomly chosen team! If you’ve already won a T-shirt, you’ll receive another color after five wins.

Note: As of Aug. 24th 11:30 a.m., corrections have been made to the 24th clue and to one of the sub-puzzles. Thanks to the teams that contacted us!