Seoul Scavenger Hunt

Over the past few months, we’ve been on an exciting scavenger hunt that took us all over Seoul. It was such a blur–I can’t even remember, in what order did we complete the activities on the checklist? And what were the other teams we glimpsed along the way? Maybe once we recap the hunt’s previous places, we can figure out the final destination.

Scavenger hunt checklist:
☑ Build a fence
☑ Compose a song
☑ Fix a machine
☑ Go on a date
☑ Hide in a bush
☑ Perform a dance
☑ Play Pokemon Go
☑ Raise caterpillars
☑ Read the newspaper
☑ See a boy band
☑ Take a group photo

Our snapshots, chronologically:

Our team’s notes:

  • If building a fence was one of the first three activities that we did, then composing a song was one of the last three activities.
  • If we performed a dance later than hiding in a bush, then we built a fence later than playing Pokemon Go.
  • After fixing a machine but before composing a song, we did at least two other activities.
  • If we saw a boy band earlier than building a fence, then we went on a date earlier than taking a group photo.
  • After going on a date but before performing a dance, we did exactly one other activity.
  • We read the newspaper earlier than raising caterpillars.
  • Seeing a boy band was one of the first five activities we did.
  • We went on a date immediately after hiding in a bush.
  • If performing a dance was one of the last four activities that we did, then so was fixing a machine.
  • If reading the newspaper was an odd-number activity, then so was taking a group photo.
  • Taking a group photo was one of the first three activities we did.
  • Playing Pokemon Go was either the first or the last activity we did.
  • If seeing a boy band was the fifth activity that we did, then building a fence was the sixth activity.

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