“Seoul Scavenger Hunt” Recap [SPOILERS!]

And the correct answer to the final puzzle of the season, “Seoul Scavenger Hunt,” was…

MAENGKUN RACCOON CAFE! Maengkun Raccoon Cafe is a cafe that offers the opportunity to hang out with raccoons (and dogs) while sipping your coffee. The cafe provides lockers for you to protect your belongings from overzealous furry friends–be sure to empty your pockets before entering the play zone. MSP staff notes that reviews are mixed for this cafe, due to concerns about the care and stimulation level for the animals. We don’t have firsthand knowledge about this facility, but emphasize that we do not condone mistreatment of animals.

The 11 activities of the scavenger hunt correspond to previous puzzles of this Mission Street Puzzles season. For example, the activity “Raise caterpillars” corresponds to the “Metamorphosis” puzzle.

Based on the logic clues, you can deduce an ordering for those puzzles:

#1 Play Pokemon Go (“Critters In My Pants”)
#2 Build a fence (“Berrypicking”)
#3 Take a group photo (“Hey, Seoul Sister”)
#4 See a boy band (“Of Boys And Girls”)
#5 Read the newspaper (“Headlines”)
#6 Hide in a bush (“Hide and Seek”)
#7 Go on a date (“Matching Madness”)
#8 Fix a machine (“Robot Tug-of-War”)
#9 Perform a dance (“Just Dance”)
#10 Raise caterpillars (“Metamorphosis”)
#11 Compose a song (“K-Pop Hit”)

Each of these previous puzzles has a Seoul place as its answer, but how do they combine to lead to the final destination? Take a look at the mysterious snapshot images. Each of these images illustrates the name of a team on the Mission Street Puzzles leaderboard. For example, the repeated image of the turtle represents the team “terrapin iterated.”

Typing the correct team name for each snapshot into the corresponding text box leads you to another mini-puzzle to solve.
For example, the answer to the the Terrapin Iterated puzzle is the pair of numbers 4 and 1. The team names and mini-puzzle answers are:

  • Terrapin Iterated: 4, 1
  • Clot Stoppers: 9
  • Cardinality: 5, 6
  • Dare to Play: 7
  • Black Fedora Group: 7
  • Funky Town Monkey Pimps: 9, 6, 3
  • Pizza Rat: 8, 12
  • Mobius Strippers: 5
  • [Redacted]: 4, 1
  • Ducky Charms: 10, 11
  • Please Clap: 2, 6

These numerical answers index into the previous season’s puzzle answers. For example, the 4th and 1st letters of “Critters In My Pants” are M and A; the 9th letter of “Berrypicking” is E; and so on. Putting these letters together spells out the final answer: MAENGKUN RACCOON CAFE!

The Faster Solver this week was team Cardinality! Closely following them were Matt Du in second and Plugh in third. Congrats everyone! To find out the winners of the whole season, check out the Season Four Recap

Note: Maengkun Raccoon Cafe is not affiliated with Mission Street Puzzles in any way.