See you in February!

Aaaaaand, 26 puzzles later, it’s a wrap on the first ever season of MSP! Thanks so much to all of the impressive teams that joined us over the last 6 months. We’ll be back with Season 2 on February 7th, and we’d love it if you would share your thoughts to help us make it even better by filling out our 5-minute feedback survey! We really appreciate all responses, even if you haven’t solved any puzzles.



The overall Season One winner is….. drumroll please…… just kidding, he’s been on top for quite a while….. Jeff! Jeff completed all 26 puzzles with a median solve time of 2 hours and 4 minutes. Wow!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated; had a ton of amazing teams this season. The following 22 teams all completed 10 or more puzzles, ordered by number of completed puzzles and median solve time.

Team Name Puzzles Solved
Median Solve Time
Jeff 26 2:14:30
David + Adriana 26 72:56:00
?? 24 60:32:00
Knights of the Square Table 21 35:56:00
MA.D GG.B 18 1:43:00
Team i eta p sub pi 18 7:04:00
Davidsteinandfriends 17 1:14:00
Quirksome Quells 17 2:23:00
Puma Pants 17 20:26:00
AJO 17 39:25:00
Oakland Blokes 16 1:52:30
Order of Magnitude 15 3:54:00
This is the best we can do from Belgium 15 42:51:00
Eigengrau 14 2:16:30
Dukael Mikakis 13 4:36:00
Tough&Ripped 13 12:51:00
Never Leave the Mission 2.0 12 2:23:30
Team White Maria 11 4:26:00
Team Fost 11 34:48:00
Team Carly 10 1:22:30
Ducky Charms 10 27:16:30
The Muppeteers 10 29:06:30

Great job everyone!


Next Season

Season 2 of Mission Street Puzzles will start on February 7th. A few notes:

  • The season will last for 12 weeks, with the same structure as this season–new puzzles every week.
  • One upcoming change: we will allow teams to submit answers for past weeks for as long as the season is still running. For example, if you’re out of town for a week and you miss a puzzle, you can just submit it the next week with a later solve time. All submissions will just be due by the last day of the season. This should open things up, and also make it easier on teams that want to start partway through the season.
  • We are also excited to announce that starting next season, answers will be in cities other than San Francisco! We’re picturing an around-the-world puzzle journey, with each season bringing us to new places. We’re already working on this and are really excited about how it’s looking.

For more updates on the next season, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. See you in February!