Season Four Recap

From a candy store to a museum to a “wild” cafe, Season Four has taken us all across Seoul. Congrats to all of the teams that solved puzzles! In particular, our big winners were…

Cardinality in first place,
Plugh in second place, and
terrapin iterated in third place!

All of these teams kept up a perfect streak of 12 puzzles solved–amazing! Great work!

This season would not have been possible without our awesome team of volunteers working behind the scenes! A million thanks to:

Arturo, Editor-in-Chief
Advith, Tech Lead
Carly, Puzzle Author
Lily, Puzzle Author
Shuyi, Puzzle Author
Kevin, Test Solver
Jeff, Test Solver
Ling, Swag Manager
Willa, MSP Founder
Sean, MSP Founder

We are now soliciting puzzle draft submissions for Season Five. If you have a great idea, please email a draft and solution walkthrough to! The theme of Season Five will be the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. There is no guarantee that submitted puzzles will be used, and some may be modified heavily to fit the season’s needs.

Stay tuned via social media (or this site) to find out when the season will be starting. Thanks so much to all the loyal fans that make Mission Street Puzzles what it is. See you later!