Road Trip: Tennessee

Historically, Tennessee is known for having lots of volunteers for the army. In fact, my friend Juliet’s boyfriend Oscar “El Groucho” from Nashville just signed up for the military! His first assignment is Lima, Peru, starting this fall. His family is particularly worried about him–they bought an Amazon Echo so that they can make voice calls to each other more easily. It will be useful especially in November, when they can use the Echo to make hands-free calls to each other while preparing Thanksgiving dinner!

His girlfriend, on the other hand, won’t be missing him at all–she has plans to going skiing in the Sierra, and then take a long trip to “find herself” in India this November. After that, she’ll be at a month-long golf tournament at a Florida resort, and then spelunking in some Asian caves (guess she won’t need Amazon to hear an echo!). I wonder how their long-distance relationship will hold up–especially since she’ll be traveling with her friend and ex-sweetheart Romeo from high school, throughout both the Sierra and the spelunking trips.

“El Groucho” told me that he’d asked his parents for advice on the whole situation. “Papa, do you think she’ll break up with me while I’m away?”

“Son,” he replied, “An alpha male like Romeo always wins. You should break off the relationship right now, for a milligram of prevention is worth a kilo of cure.””

I guess the truth hurts sometimes. What would be a fun distraction for his worries?

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