“Road Trip (Part Two)” Recap [SPOILERS]

And the correct answer to the Road Trip (Part Two) puzzle was…

HOTEL UTAH SALOON! Hotel Utah is a cozy little bar that serves tasty food and regularly hosts indie musicians, like the Heartstring Hunters. One of our personal favorites was a Jesse Malin show in January.

This time, the puzzle was a series of 50 state-themed mini-puzzles, each of which had an answer that was a single letter or digit:

Alabama T
Alaska H
Arizona E
Arkansas H
California E
Colorado A
Connecticut R
Delaware T
Florida S
Georgia T
Hawaii R
Idaho I
Illinois N
Indiana G
Iowa H
Kansas U
Kentucky N
Louisiana T
Maine E
Maryland R
Massachusetts S
Michigan W
Minnesota I
Mississippi L
Missouri L
Montana P
Nebraska L
Nevada A
New Hampshire Y
New Jersey A
New Mexico T
New York T
North Carolina H
North Dakota I
Ohio S
Oklahoma B
Oregon A
Pennsylvania R
Rhode Island J
South Carolina U
South Dakota L
Tennessee Y
Texas 1
Utah 9
Vermont T
Virginia H
Washington 2
West Virginia 0
Wisconsin 1
Wyoming 7

Reading the letters and digits in order gives the phrase: THE HEARTSTRING HUNTERS WILL PLAY AT THIS BAR JULY 19TH, 2017.

Which points to the final answer: Hotel Utah Saloon!


This week’s Fastest Solver was, for the second week in a row, Davidsteinandfriends. Great work! We also want to add a shout-out to Davidsteinandfriends and Montgomery Blair High School–somebody on MA.D GG.B recognizes their statistics teacher and friends on the leaderboard! Not far behind were second place team Jeff and third place team Carly. Congratulations to everybody who participated, even if you solved just one mini-puzzle!

Our First Photos this week came from Dukael Mikakis (from across the country, sporting a nicely color-coordinated Utah Utes hat and Mission Street Puzzles shirt) and Ducky Charms (the fastest in-person photo at Hotel Utah last week). Congratulations both!


And this week’s Best Photo came from Team ??, who made it to the Heartstring Hunters show and are shown here hanging out with Carolyn Hunter! Awesome! Hope you had a great time at the show.

As for T-shirts, Why Leave the Mission 2.0 was the lucky random winning team this time! Hooray!

And with that….this week’s puzzle Say Uncle is now live! Time to get solving! We’re back to our regular schedule, so puzzle answers are welcome until 7:00pm on Wednesday, Aug. 2nd. Happy solving!

Note: Hotel Utah is not affiliated with Mission Street Puzzles in any way, nor are the Heartstring Hunters.