Road Trip (Part One)

Mission Street Puzzles is planning a two-week road trip starting next Wednesday! From July 12th to 20th, we will be visiting one city per day. Then, from July 21st to 25th, we will tour one state per day. Can you figure out what our itinerary is? Then, you’ll have the name of the San Francisco spot where we’ll start our trip.

We will never visit the same city twice, but we might visit the same state on multiple days.
We will not leave the contiguous 48 states.
All of the cities we are visiting are among the top 100 most populous U.S. cities.

If we ever plan to be in Arizona, then we will visit the state of Washington on the last day.
On July 14, we will go to a city with a shorter name (fewer letters) than the one we were in the day before. The same is true for July 15, 16, 18, and 19.
During the first week (seven days), we will visit three cities more populous than Boston but less populous than San Francisco.
On July 13, we will be in a state bordering Lake Michigan.
We will visit cities in Florida and Virginia on consecutive days.
We will be in the same state on July 12 and 15, in two cities 604 miles apart (via highway).
On July 20, we will visit one of the top 20 tallest buildings in the U.S.
July 22 is the only day when we will be visiting a state less densely populated than Kansas.
The July 23 state was admitted to the Union 125 years after the July 21 state was.
If we visit New Hampshire on any day, then we will also visit New Jersey.
On July 13, 14, 17, and 18, we will be in state capitals.
The three-letter airport code for the July 16 city contains the two-letter abbreviation for the July 21 state.
We will stay in the same state on July 23 and 24.
If we plan to be in the state of New York one day, then we will be in a state bordering New York on the following day.
If the July 15th city contains the letter P, then we will visit Irvine within the following five days.
When driving from the July 22 state to the July 23 state, we only need to pass through one other state.
On July 14, we will be in a state starting with N.
We will stay in the same state on July 19 and 20, in two cities just 40 miles apart via car (±5 miles).
To get from the July 16th city to the July 17th city, we will drive 795 miles, 600 of which will be via I-95.
Of the nine cities we visit from July 12 to 20, exactly four of them are west of the Mississippi River.
On July 18th, we’ll be in a state with fewer electoral votes than the one we’ll be in on July 16th.
On July 18th and 19th, we will stay within 1 degree of the same latitude.
The number of counties in the July 22 state is a multiple of 11.


Update 8:03 pm: Small change to the third-to-last clue due to ambiguous fact-checking.

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