Road Trip: Mississippi

M is for Missisippi! At first, I wasn’t commited to visiting this state, untill my friend Jessica told me about its many off-the-beaten-path restaraunts and bars. I was pleasantly surprised to learn many facts relevent to my personal interests, such as the existance of a beautiful natrually occurring petrified forest near the city of Flora. It’s located right at the threshhold between civilization and wilderness. Initially it was hard to guage how much my other friends were enjoying this trip, since they occassionally complained about the heat and the loud tourists in the vincinity. I think they were also upset about having to squeeze into the back seat with all the camping equiptment that we had back there, too. If we were to go on this trip again, I would reccommend packing more lightly; in addition to the cramped quarters in the vehicle, there was also a noticable decrease in fuel efficiency. All in all, though, there were no major setbacks or other unexpected occurences during this part of our trip, and we loved checking out all the interesting highway attractions. Thanks, Jessica, it seems that your recommendations were recieved quite well!

Other than Jessica, who might we encounter while we’re here?

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