“Ready, Set, van Gogh” Recap [SPOILERS]

And the correct answer to the Ready, Set, van Gogh! puzzle was…

CREATIVITY EXPLORED! This art gallery features pieces by artists with developmental disabilities–worth a visit!

In this puzzle, the given squares can be re-assembled into eighteen paintings–three by each of Salvador Dali, Gustav Klimt, Max Ernst, Rene Magritte, Frida Kahlo, and Edward Hopper. Each painting has a true or false statement written on it. Using logical deduction, you can determine whether each statement is true or false:

  • Crepuscular Old Man – Salvador Dali
    “The painting with the shortest title is genuine.” – TRUE
  • Tree of Life – Gustav Klimt
    “There is an even number of forgeries starting with the letter S.” – FALSE
  • Mae West Lips Sofa – Salvador Dali
    “‘Soir Bleu’ is the only forgery in Ed’s collection.” – FALSE
  • Cabaret Scene – Salvador Dali
    “There are at least four professional collectors.” – FALSE
  • Little Machine – Max Ernst
    “‘Alice In 1941’ and ‘Self Portrait Very Ugly’ are both forgeries.” – FALSE
  • Sixteenth of September – Rene Magritte
    “‘Tree of Life’ is genuine.” – FALSE
  • Love – Gustav Klimt
    “In Salvador’s collection, there is exactly one forgery starting with the letter C.” – TRUE
  • Judith – Gustav Klimt
    “The number of professional collectors is equal to the total number of forgeries in Salvador and Renee’s collections combined.” – TRUE
  • Tunas Still Life With Prickly Pear Fruit – Frida Kahlo
    “At least one of the two paintings ‘Tree of Life’ and ‘Judith’ is genuine.” – TRUE
  • Ryders House – Edward Hopper
    “Frieda and Ed are either both amateur collectors or both professional.” – TRUE
  • Self Portrait Very Ugly – Frida Kahlo
    “Gustav is an amateur collector.” – FALSE
  • Marxism Will Give Health to the Sick – Frida Kahlo
    “Among Freida, Ed, and Salvador, there is exactly one professional collector.” – FALSE
  • Pom Po Pom Po Pon – Rene Magritte
    “The number of amateur collectors is equal to the number of professional collectors.” – TRUE
  • Clear Ideas – Rene Magritte
    “At least one of Max or Gustav is a professional collector.” – TRUE
  • Soir Bleu – Edward Hopper
    “Between ‘Mae West Lips Sofa’ and ‘American Village,’ there is exactly one forgery.” – FALSE
  • American Village – Edward Hopper
    “‘Marxism Will Give Health to the Sick’ is the only genuine painting in Freida’s collection.” – FALSE
  • Alice In 1941 – Max Ernst
    “‘Clear Ideas’ is one of two genuine paintings in Renee’s collection.” – TRUE
  • Hydrometric Demonstration – Max Ernst
    “‘Cabaret Scene’ is one of two forgeries in Salvador’s collection.” – TRUE

Upon ordering these paintings in the correct sequence and taking the specified letters, we get the final answer: CREATIVITY EXPLORED.

This week’s Fastest Solver was DavidSteinAndFriends, with Never Leave the Mission 2.0 in second and Eigengrau in third! Congratulations!

And for the second week in a row, Never Leave the Mission 2.0 was the fastest team to send in a photo! Nice!

And with that….the Season One Finale puzzle has been posted! Good luck and happy solving!

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