Pride Parade

San Francisco’s famous Pride parade is this weekend! Last year, I had six friends in the parade, in this order: Peter, Urvashi, Romaine, Vladimir, Chelsea, and Essex:


  • Peter could see five floats ahead of him, including Urvashi’s, whose float was directly ahead of his.
  • Urvashi could see four floats, including Romaine’s, which was the one directly ahead of hers.
  • Romaine could see exactly two floats: Peter’s and Urvashi’s.
  • Essex’s float was the furthest east.


This year, I have seven friends in the parade, and their colorful floats spell out one of their favorite San Francisco locations. Can you help me remember the order and directions of the floats, and then figure out what that fun location is?

  • The person in the orange float can see exactly x floats more than Phyllis can, where is some number.
  • If the blue and violet floats are facing the same direction, then Patria is in one of those floats; otherwise, Patria is in the green float.
  • The person in the blue float can see, directly in front of it, another float whose driver has letters in his/her name.
  • There is an even number of floats between Harvey’s and the pink float (not including themselves).
  • The red float is the farthest west.
  • If Courtney’s float is blue, orange, violet, or green, then at least one of Courtney’s neighbors has a name containing the letter Y.
  • Harvey can see Kimball’s float directly in front of him.
  • The violet float is next to the yellow float if and only if Li’s float is pink.
  • The people in the orange and pink floats can see the blue float somewhere ahead.
  • If Li’s float is east of Harvey’s, then Li’s float is either orange or pink.
  • If Harvey’s float is red or orange, then Kimball’s float is a primary color.
  • If the red and yellow floats are next to each other, then the person in the red float can see fewer than y other floats, where = x + 1.
  • If Christopher’s float is a secondary color, then he can see more floats than Courtney can.
  • The person in the red float has a name that is z letters long, where z = x * y.
  • The pink, violet, and green floats are facing the same direction.

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