Other Resources

Hungry for more puzzling? Fortunately, the San Francisco Bay Area has a great puzzle hunt culture. Here are some of the other events and places we like:

Puzzled Pint – A monthly casual puzzle event that takes place in a different bar each month – it has both a San Francisco and a South Bay chapter, as well as counterparts in many other cities across the country.

Berkeley Mystery Hunt – One of the biggest student-run puzzle hunts in the nation, including an online puzzle column on Thursdays with a weekly leaderboard.

DASH (Different Area, Same Hunt) – A recurring puzzle hunt that takes place simultaneously in a number of cities, including San Francisco, Davis, and Fremont for the most recent one (DASH 9, which just happened on May 9th)!



Notable puzzle hunts in other locales include:

MIT Mystery Hunt – The world’s first and largest puzzle hunt, an annual team event in January – their website also has a lot of great reading material for puzzlers of all experience levels.



And there are lots of online puzzle-solving resources as well! To name a few:

Pavel’s Puzzles – A monthly puzzle column, plus physical puzzle toys and books.

Brainbashers – A collection of brainteasers, puzzles, optical illusions, and more.