Of Boys And Girls

Maybe if you found the liaison between these groups, the place where they sometimes meet with their fans will be clear…

Highest purity for a jewelry material
Notorious rapper
Acronym related to movie making
Montreal commuter rail
Mov. starring Will Smith
1970’s rock subgenre
Sci-fi military video game franchise
Gritty film genre
Hanna-Barbara canine character
Letter in the NATO alphabet
Shedding-card game
One of the five senses
Parts of a bird
You can find it on SpaceX patches
Famous British scientific journal
Black and white traffic sign
US department store
Title one can get in a competition
Scientific explosion
Common battery size
Paul Harvey used to say this
Common character in social media
School subject
Cryptocoin related to space
Female MGS character
Has been a WWF and WWE champion
Sweet pain?
Deep Purple album
Common polygon
Book protagonized by Philip Marlowe
Male significant other
What a student might do (while studying)
Type of cupcake
Number between ten and twenty

24 hours after puzzle release, a hint will be available here.