Mother’s Day Gift

It’s May 10th (J), which means that Mother’s Day 2017 (N) is just a few days away, and I don’t even have a gift ready yet! I’m not sure which of these jewelry gifts she’ll like best–can you help me narrow them down? Fortunately, Mom has been dropping hints throughout the year. I’d really like to take my mother to one of her favorite San Francisco places too–where should we go?

  • On the birthday of one of the Sensational Six classic Disney characters, Mom said, “Some people call their mothers on Mother’s Day each year, making it the biggest holiday for phone calls.”
  • On the first Sunday of the month, Mom said, “A Mrs. Hunter from Los Angeles was pregnant with triplets for some days, the longest human pregnancy on record.”
  • On the third Wednesday of the month, Mom said, “A prolific Mrs. Vassilyev of Russia gave birth to some children in her lifetime.”
  • On an Ohio-born President’s birthday, Mom said, “Dr. Dana Suskind, a surgeon and mother, founded an organization called the Some Words Initiative to encourage parents of all socioeconomic backgrounds to talk to their babies more.”
  • On the birthday of one of the Jonas brothers, Mom said, “African elephant mothers are pregnant for some weeks, the longest gestation time of any mammal.”
  • On a day when I splurged, Mom said, “In the first two years of a baby’s life, the average mother changes some diapers.”
  • On a day when I was bald and free, Mom said, “In the U.S., some percent of mothers with school-age children hold a job.”
  • On the birthday of an actor in the main Friends cast, Mom said, “Justin Bieber’s mother stands some inches tall.”
  • On the anniversary of a NASA tragedy, Mom said, “Marie Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, had some daughters, one of which won a Nobel Prize of her own.”
  • On the anniversary of an M-state’s admission to the Union, Mom said, “Polar bear mothers gain some pounds during their pregnancy.”
  • Forty years before a solar eclipse, Mom said, “New mothers in the U.S. are some age on average (as of 2016).”
  • On the birthday of one of the Beatles, Mom said, “The oldest mother on record is an Indian Mrs. Kaur, who gave birth at some age.”
  • On one of the top five most-observed holidays, Mom said, “The record for shortest interval between two consecutive births to the same mother is some days.”

2017 “Jewelry of the Month” Catalog

$2 Amethyst Bead
$3 Bronze Pendant
$4 Glass Brooch
$7 Onyx Earrings
$10 Pearl Earring
$12 Moonstone Charm
$18 Platinum Chain
$21 Emerald Ring
$26 Garnet Bracelet
$29 Ruby Bracelet
$31 Onyx Necklace
$35 Silver Chain
$41 Jade Statue
$47 Emerald Brooch
$50 Gold Watch
$56 Topaz Pin
$69 Diamond Brooch
$70 Pearl Ornament
$75 Opal Ring
$92 Topaz Earrings
$120 Jade Bracelet
$131 Silver Necklace
$150 Gold Locket
$176 Emerald Bracelet
$208 Turquoise Collar
$333 Jade Carving
$375 Garnet Pendant
$450 Emerald Necklace
$750 Topaz Crown
$1505 Aquamarine Bracelet
$2004 Turquoise Necklace
$3030 Silver Tiara
$5000 Ruby Bracelet
$7300 Pearl Necklace
$12,000 Diamond Ring
$19,000 Sapphire Necklace
$95,000 Amethyst Necklace
$105,000 Garnet Statue
$7 million Gold Crown
$17 million Aquamarine Necklace
$30 million Peridot Collection
$40 million Ruby Collection
$77 million Emerald Collection
$122 million Sapphire Ring
$210 million Alexandrite Collection
$2 billion Opal Necklace

Answer and recap [SPOILER]