“Matching Madness” Recap [SPOILERS]

And the correct answer to the “Matching Madness” puzzle was…

JUBILEE CHURCH! That’s right, Dani’s next pair of lovers is proposing! Next stop? Jubilee Church to get married! Jubilee Church is an English-speaking inter-denominational church in Seoul, with a mission of serving Asia at large.

The title (Matching Madness) suggests the need to match up descriptions of date activities. Each pair has one description with a date (e.g. February 9th) and one description with an ordinal number (e.g. “my boyfriend’s second”). By moving the hearts around on the screen, you can visually match up these activities.

Next, the title text hides a clue. The un-italicized letters spell “animated couples”. In the same way that “animated couples” was hidden contiguously across words, these date activity descriptions hold the names of animated couples. For example:
– A beautiful afternoon hiking up Bukhansan on February 9th had me exhausted. At the top, we saw a majestic bird that, in a flaSH, REKindled our connection.
– It was my boyfriend’s second time hiking in northern Seoul. As we looked out over a clifF, I, ON A dare, stepped right up to the cliff’s edge and looked down over the expanse.

Finally, we need to extract something from these couple names. Note here that Fiona’s description mentions “my boyfriend” Shrek. We take her boyfriend’s second… letter, which is H. And finally, there are thirteen days of February listed, so that gives an ordering of these extracted letters.

Putting the extracted letters in order, we get JUBILEE CHURCH! The full solution is at the end of this post, because it is long.

This week’s first-place Fastest Solver was Cardinality, followed by teams Codiak in second and terrapin iterated in third! Congrats!

Congrats as well to Team Alkaline for submitting the Best Photo!

And with that, the next puzzle, “Headlines,” has been posted! Good luck and happy solving!

Note: Jubilee Church is not affiliated with Mission Street Puzzles in any way.

  1. J [Jane/Tarzan, 1] Feb 1, Enter6 mall
    • When we landed in Seoul February 1st, I looked up an interesting mall for us to visit. One of the reviews even claimed that there was a ninJA NEarby.
    • I normally prefer shopping at stores that are brick-and-morTAR, ZANy little places with lots of character. So my date’s first suggestion to visit Enter6 turned out to be a great one!  
  2. U [Beauty/Beast, 4] Feb 2, Meeting movie star
    • Last week my BEAU TYped me a love letter, inviting me to go on a really special date. On February 2nd we got to meet my favorite Korean celebrity, Song Hye-kyo!
    • My girlfriend has wanted to BE A STar since her fourth birthday! So when I heard that her favorite movie star was coming to town I just had to take her.
  3. B [Simba/Nala, 4] Feb 3 Karaoke
    • We found a nice karaoke bar on February 3rd, but kept being bothered by some quaSIMBA students who thought they knew how to sing.
    • At the karaoke place, on my boyfriend’s fourth try, he finally found the song he wanted to perform. FiNAL Anthem? No, it turned out it was Final Countdown.
  4. I [Wilma/Fred, 2] Feb 4 Modern art museum
    • On February 4th, my boyfriend dragged me to a modern art museum. There was some famous painting that was supposed to be some deep commentary on fleeting time, but just a black splotch saW I (LMAO!).
    • My girlfriend’s second experience trying to appreciate modern art was a total flop, just like the one before. After we looked at a beautiful abstract rendition oF RED and brown, she compared it to “children’s scribbles.”
  5. L [Donald/Daisy, 5] Feb 5, Mountain temple with dais
    • On February 5th, we visited a temple with a plaque that saiD, “ON AL Davis’s birthday, a dedication ceremony took place for this historic mountaintop site.”
    • So many steps! It was only my boyfriend’s fifth-choice activity, but after we discovered a cool plaque mounted on a DAIS You could barely see, he had to appreciate the reward for our long walk.
  6. E [Walle/Eve, 5] Feb 6 Arboretum on anniversary
    • Yearly on February 6th we visit the burial mound of Queen Myeong-Seong. For us it’s a place of reneWAL, LEst we forget where we met.
    • Each year, EVEr since my boyfriend’s fifth anniversary with me, I have taken him to the Hongneung Arboretum on our anniversary to celebrate.
  7. E [Leela/Fry, 2] Feb 7, Fancy restaurant (Jungsik)
    • We had reservations on February 7th for a Michelin-star restaurant, where we enjoyed savory seafood appetizers, rich wine pours, and delicate creme bruLEE LAyers.
    • Our dinner at Jungsik was simply amazing! I don’t know iF RYe whiskey was on the menu, but many of our other favorite drinks were present in the ample drink selection, including my date’s second-favorite wine of all time.
  8. C [Mickey/Minnie, 3] Feb 8, Herbal market
    • I was feeling under the weather on February 8th, so we went to an herbal market. One shop owner told us “Coffee only will make you aneMIC, KEY to health is ginger and honey tea!”
    • At the Gyeongdong Market we found some wholesale ginseng; seeking benefits typical of an American vitaMIN, NIEces and nephews loaded up their shopping bags with healthy presents for their kin. It was my date’s third time there!
  9. H [Shrek/Fiona, 2] Feb 9, Mountain hiking
    • A beautiful afternoon hiking up Bukhansan on February 9th had me exhausted. At the top, we saw a majestic bird that, in a flaSH, REKindled our connection.
    • It was my boyfriend’s second time hiking in northern Seoul. As we looked out over a clifF, I, ON A dare, stepped right up to the cliff’s edge and looked down over the expanse.
  10. U [Bugs/Lola, 2] Feb 10, Seoul observation tower
    • Our day at the Seoul Tower on February 10th was fun, but not the traffic to get there. We had a very long ride in a taxicaB…UG! Somebody cut us off again!
    • My date’s second cousin lives in Seoul, and we felt bad that we didn’t say helLO LAst time we were in town — so we invited him to tag along to the observation tower with us.
  11. R [Clark/Lois, 5] Feb 11, DMZ
    • We were a bit nervous about visiting the DMZ on February 11th, but our spirits were lifted when an energetiC LARK flew overhead.
    • Being an AngLO IS a liability when visiting the DMZ, especially since my date’s fifth sister is a journalist who covers the area. We had to be really careful!
  12. C [Eric/Ariel, 4] Feb 12, show in Gyeongui Line Forest Park.
    • On February 12th I took my girlfriend to see a musical in Gyeongui Line Forest Park. The storyline was a bit genERIC, but the actors were from a bunch of different countries.
    • My boyfriend’s four years in improv paid off last week when he scored tickets to a show in a downtown park through his acting troupe. I think the lead actress was from somewhere fAR, I.E. London or New York. She was great!
  13. H [Homer/Marge, 1] Feb 13 Baseball game
    • We attended the Feb 13th game of the Kiwoom Heroes, and when the newest player hit a HOME Run, the stadium erupted with cheers!
    • This was my boyfriend’s first time attending a baseball game, and he struggled to learn the rules. But, other than the guy next to us, who wouldn’t shut up about gramMAR, GEnerally we both had a great time!