How To Play

  • Get together a team of friends–we recommend two to six people. To qualify for prizes, your team size may not exceed six.
  • Each week’s puzzle is released on Wednesday at 8pm ET / 5pm PT. 
  • When you solve the puzzle, immediately submit the answer on the website. Or, email with your team name and puzzle answer, which will be a restaurant, bar, or other location in this season’s theme city (Seoul, South Korea). If correct, the email timestamp is your official solve time.
  • You will receive a reply email within 24 hours telling you whether your answer is correct.
  • At the end of each week, we’ll announce that week’s Fastest Solver and Best Team Photo. The team photo may be taken in any setting–at the answer location (if you’re local), in-progress solving the puzzle, holding in-theme props… Be creative! We’ll share some of the photos in our weekly recap and Instagram gallery.
  • The winning team of the season will be the team that has submitted the most correct puzzle answers out of 12, with ties broken by median solve time.

Additional Rules:

  • The first puzzle this season will be posted Feb 6th at 8pm Eastern time.
  • Prizes are available for winners!
  • You may email asking for hints, which will be provided at our discretion–in general, hints will be provided more generously as the week goes on.
  • Not based in Seoul? No problem! Puzzles do not require any special knowledge of the theme city.