How To Play

  • Get together a team of friends–we recommend two to six people.
  • Each week’s puzzle is released on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. PT.
  • When you solve the puzzle, immediately email with your team name and puzzle answer, which will be a restaurant, bar, or other location in San Francisco. If correct, the email timestamp is your official solve time.
  • You will receive a reply email within 24 hours telling you whether your answer is correct.
  • If you visit that local spot, feel free to email us a photo of yourselves hanging out there! We’ll share some of the photos in our weekly recap and Instagram gallery.
  • T-shirt prizes are available for winners, as well as a randomly selected team! If you’ve already won a T-shirt, you’ll receive another color after five wins.


Additional Rules:

  • You may email asking for hints, which will be provided at our discretion–in general, hints will be provided more generously as the week goes on.
  • Not based in SF? Feel free to submit answers online anyway! You’ll still be qualified for the leaderboard and weekly Fastest Solver shoutout.