“Hide and Seek” Recap [SPOILERS!]

And the correct answer to the “Hide and Seek” puzzle was…

PLAYGROUND BREWERY! Technically located outside of Seoul in two locations (Ilsan and Songdo), Playground Brewery is known for its playful atmosphere and unique local beers. The beer line-up–Hunchback, Scholar, Witch, Joker, etc.–is inspired by the Korean traditional mask performance “HahoeByeolshingut.” To pair with the drinks, the taphouse also offers some fun dishes such as “Schnitz and Giggles.”

This puzzle is made up of eight subpuzzles, with the following answers:

  1. Fill in the grid with the character names (potentially backwards). The letters at the grid’s intersections spell the answer: HUNCHBACK.
  2. The crossword clues have answers “car,” “rho,” “oars,” “loch,” and “also,” mapping the digits 1 through 7 as follows: 1=S, 2=C, 3=H, 4=O, 5=L, 6=A, 7=R. These spell out the answer: SCHOLAR.
  3. The garbled text turns out to be a riddle encoded via a substitution cipher. The riddle (plaintext) is “Did you hear the story about the krazy monster rabbit? It was a hare-raising tail!” This is encoded using the key A–>W, B–>I, C–>T, D–>C, E–>H, F–>A, G–>B… Y–>Y, Z–>Z. The first few letters of this key spell the answer WITCH.
  4. The correct path through this maze passes through four eggs that spell out the answer: MONK.
  5. Solving this nonogram gives you a grid that spells out the letters of the answer: GENTLEMAN.
  6. Solve the sudoku and look at the highlighted cells in each of the sectors: 1 & 3, 1, 4, 1, and 1 & 3. Take the 13th, 1st, 4th, 1st, and 13th letters of the alphabet to get the answer: MADAM.
  7. Solve the word search and cross out the words as you find them. The remaining letters spell the answer: MISTRESS.
  8. The riddles have answers “jewel,” “ode,” “knight,” “eye,” and “root.” The initials of these spell out the answer: JOKER.

All of these answers (HUNCHBACK, SCHOLAR, WITCH, MONK, GENTLEMAN, MADAM, MISTRESS, and JOKER) are beers from the final answer location: PLAYGROUND BREWERY.

This week’s Fastest Solvers were super speedy! In first place was team 孤独な象, followed by teams Plugh in second and teammate in third! Congrats!

And with that, the new puzzle has been posted: “Berrypicking”! Happy puzzling!

Note: Playground Brewery is not affiliated with Mission Street Puzzles in any way.