Everything’s Bigger In Texas

They say everything’s bigger in Texas… be it a van or Superman. We ordered some giant paired statues of our favorite things, and they are huge! We’ll be setting the statues up near one of our favorite little Austin locations–can you figure out where it is?

Which of these statues will be available to install?

  • 30-ton statue
  • 8-ton statue
  • 35-ton statue
  • 28-ton statue
  • 14-ton statue
  • 90-ton statue
  • 85-ton statue
  • 35-ton statue
  • 22-ton statue
  • 24-ton statue
  • 55-ton statue
  • 22-ton statue
  • 17-ton statue
  • 30-ton statue
  • 48-ton statue
  • 56-ton statue

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