[SPOILERS] “Date Night” and “Flower Cards” Solutions

We hope you enjoyed solving last week’s puzzles! The solutions are below.

The answer to Megan Hoffman’s puzzle, “Date Night,” was TREASURE ISLAND. [Download Solution Walkthrough]

Megan adds this personal note: Growing up, I lived a sheltered life in a household with a controlling family. After high school, I moved to San Francisco to attend a trade school located on Treasure Island; this is where I got my first taste of true freedom and adulthood. Treasure Island is meaningful to me because for the first time in my life, I was able to be myself and express myself without the hatred and abuse of my family.

The answer to Justin Yokota’s puzzle, “Flower Cards,” was NISHIYAMATO. [Download Solution Walkthrough]

Justin’s personal note: This was the Japanese school I went to, every Saturday, during elementary and middle school. Through this, Japanese and Japanese culture became integral parts of my core personality. This puzzle pays tribute to this school, incorporating several lessons I learned there.