“Cuter Baby Animals” Recap [SPOILERS]

And the correct answer to the Cuter Baby Animals! puzzle was…

TRICK DOG! At this fun cocktail bar, the drinks theme rotates on a regular basis–right now, the menu is a rhyming children’s book.

In this puzzle, clicking the big pictures of the puppy and kitten led to one logic puzzle (“About Puppies and Kittens”), and clicking the smaller animal pictures on the original post led to a page of equations for another (“About Other Animals”).

“About Puppies and Kittens” was a logic puzzle in which you needed to figure out which squares are cats (gray) and which are dogs (brown). The answer for that was:

From this, you were able to find the sums of the numbers in each of the color-outlined 2×3 rectangles.

Typing in the correct sums and clicking “WOOF!” and “MEOW” provided additional equation clues, similar to the ones on the “About Other Animals” page.

By solving these equations, you find the 2×3 pattern that each animal picture represents:

As hinted by the link in the “About Other Animals” description, each of these patterns can be interpreted as a Braille letter. Decoding the Braille letters gives T, R, I, C, K, D, O, and G respectively: TRICK DOG!


This week’s Fastest Solver was Eigengrau, followed by DavidSteinAndFriends in second and Arturo in third! Congratulations!

Never Leave the Mission 2.0 was the fastest team to send in a photo! Well done!

Arturo also happened to be our random T-shirt winner this week. It’s your lucky week!

And with that….this week’s puzzle is live,  Ready, Set, van Gogh! Good luck and happy solving!

Also, this season of Mission Street Puzzles will be ending at the end of September, with our last puzzle released on Sept. 27th! But don’t worry, we’ll be back with Season 2 on Feb. 7, 2018. Mark your calendars!

Note: Trick Dog is not affiliated with Mission Street Puzzles in any way.