“Critters In My Pants” Recap [SPOILERS!]

And the correct answer to the “Critters In My Pants” puzzle was…

ART MONSTER! The Art Monster is a pub hidden in a maze of narrow streets and passages, and a fresh surprise for the clients that arrive to try some of their twelve signature craft beers together with a delicious pizza or two. If you’re in the Jongno area, make sure to try the Grapefruit Session IPA, their signature brew!

To solve this puzzle, fill in the crossword with the Japanese character (katakana) names of the original 151 Pokemon (clued by the names of some cities in Kanto). There are a couple other hints: The amount of lines in the grid is 151, their lengths are too short to write the names in English, and, if you hover over the image, you get the clue “Now in the original language!” i.e. Japanese.

Furthermore, the grid contains some help to aid in filling it (like the colors indicating the Pokemon type, and symbols for both Nidorans), then it’s just a matter of trial and error.

Now that we’ve filled the grid, we can extract our answer. Notice how some squares in the grid have been marked with 1 to 8 dots. These squares fit the second image, used for extraction only. If we fill them with the corresponding kanas, we’ll get two Japanese words: アート モンズター (Āto monsutā) which is just Japanese for ART MONSTER.

This week’s first-place Fastest Solver was Plugh, followed by teams Cardinality in second and Methwazord in third! Congrats!

And with that, the new puzzle has been posted: “Hide and Seek”! Happy puzzling!

Note: Art Monster Pub is not affiliated with Mission Street Puzzles in any way.