“Cake Catastrophe” and “Twin Cities Logic Puzzles”

This week in Mission Street Puzzles Scholarship Edition, we have a delightful pair of logic puzzles to share! These have a slightly different kind of answer extraction mechanism than usual, but we’re still confident you’ll have a great time solving them.

“Cake Catastrophe” by Madelyn Cox-Guerra, The University of Minnesota Law School
[Download PDF]

“Twin Cities Logic Puzzles” by Sierra Grandy, Metropolitan State University
[Download PDF] Editor’s note: please use the following hints.

  • You decided to go to Peet’s on Tuesday or Friday, since your favorite barista there works those two days.
  • You were in Maple Grove for coffee earlier in the week than Minneapolis.
  • You were in St. Paul on Friday for coffee.

Solutions will be shared next week, alongside a new set of puzzles. See you then!