[SPOILERS] “The Inflight Magazine” and “Bridges” Solutions

And that’s all for now, folks! We hope you enjoyed all of the puzzles this season. The solutions to last week’s puzzles are below.

The answer to Odin McDermott’s puzzle, “The Inflight Magazine,” was POHAKUPU PARK. [Download Solution Walkthrough]

Odin writes about this place: When I was growing up, I spent just about every day here. My family calls this park “Dinosaur Park” because of the Stegosaurus play structure that’s perfect for climbing and swinging on. To an elementary school student, it was the best place on Earth (after the LEGO Store).

The answer to Ben Coukos-Wiley’s puzzle, “Bridges,” was SFO BAY (San Francisco Bay). [Download Solution Walkthrough]

Ben’s personal note: I grew up in Oakland, California, so many of my favorite childhood memories revolve around the bay – day trips to Berkeley beaches, exploring Fisherman’s Wharf, and the annual ferry ride to Angel Island. It’s especially meaningful for this puzzle because I so strongly associated bridges with my childhood in California. It’s hard to forget the countless dark car trips through the lower deck of the Bay Bridge or the crests of the Golden Gate Bridge looming out of the morning fog.

Ben is currently working on Paradox Puzzlehunt, a full-scale hunt which is planning to be released this coming winter. You can find out more at the hunt website: https://paradoxpuzzlehunt.com

Congratulations Odin and Ben for your stellar puzzles! Thanks to everyone who submitted puzzles for the scholarship program, and to everyone who participated in solving the puzzles this season.

“The Inflight Magazine” and “Bridges”

It’s hard to believe, but this season is coming to a close already! For this season’s finale, please enjoy the two winning puzzles from our scholarship season!

“The Inflight Magazine” by Odin McDermott, Whitman College
[Download PDF]

“Bridges” by Ben Coukos-Wiley, Rochester Institute of Technology
[Download PDF]
Editor’s Note: This one is a challenge! The final answer is 6 letters long.

Solutions will be shared next week. We hope you enjoyed this special scholarship season of Mission Street Puzzles! Thank you to all the students who sent in submissions, and congratulations again to Odin, Ben, and all the finalists.

Can’t get enough puzzles? “Bridges” author Ben Coukos-Wiley is currently working on Paradox Puzzlehunt, a full-scale hunt which is planning to be released this coming winter. You can find out more at the hunt website: https://paradoxpuzzlehunt.com

[SPOILERS] “Date Night” and “Flower Cards” Solutions

We hope you enjoyed solving last week’s puzzles! The solutions are below.

The answer to Megan Hoffman’s puzzle, “Date Night,” was TREASURE ISLAND. [Download Solution Walkthrough]

Megan adds this personal note: Growing up, I lived a sheltered life in a household with a controlling family. After high school, I moved to San Francisco to attend a trade school located on Treasure Island; this is where I got my first taste of true freedom and adulthood. Treasure Island is meaningful to me because for the first time in my life, I was able to be myself and express myself without the hatred and abuse of my family.

The answer to Justin Yokota’s puzzle, “Flower Cards,” was NISHIYAMATO. [Download Solution Walkthrough]

Justin’s personal note: This was the Japanese school I went to, every Saturday, during elementary and middle school. Through this, Japanese and Japanese culture became integral parts of my core personality. This puzzle pays tribute to this school, incorporating several lessons I learned there.

[SPOILERS] “A Grand Tour” and “Rainbow Matryoshka” Solutions

We hope you had a great time solving last week’s puzzles! The solutions are below.

The answer to Ian Rackow’s puzzle, “A Grand Tour,” was COL DE L’ISERAN. [Download Solution Walkthrough]

Ian writes: My family has always been huge bicycle racing fans, and it was long a dream of my Dad’s to go see a Tour de France stage in the Alps live. In 2019, we finally made it a reality, and planned our entire summer trip around being in the Alps to see the race in person. The Col de l’Iseran, the puzzle answer, is a very famous mountain climb in Tour de France history, and also ended up being where we watched the stage live from, and now also has a special place in our family.

The answer to Zayba Ahmed’s puzzle, “Rainbow Matryoshka,” was THE FERRIS WHEEL AT NAVY PIER. [Download Solution Walkthrough]

Zayba’s personal note: The ferris wheel at Navy Pier is meaningful, because it’s the last place I visited with my grandparents before we moved to Texas. It was also one of the last memories I had with my grandma before she passed away. I hope to one day return, so I can relive those moments.

“A Grand Tour” and “Rainbow Matryoshka”

This week we have a challenging main course of a puzzle, “A Grand Tour.” As a bonus visual treat, we’d also like to share “Rainbow Matryoshka” – by far the most beautiful puzzle submission we received!

“A Grand Tour” by Ian Rackow, Brown University
[Download PDF]

  • Editor’s note: You are encouraged to use the following hints.
  • Accessibility note: Color vision is required.
  • “Rainbow Matryoshka” by Zayba Ahmed, University of Houston
    [Download Image]

  • Editor’s note: Don’t overthink it!
  • Accessibility note: Color vision is required.
  • Solutions will be shared next week, alongside a new set of puzzles. See you then!

    [SPOILERS] “The Museum Heist” and “Knight’s Tour” Solutions

    How did you do on last week’s puzzles, “The Museum Heist” and “Knight’s Tour”? Check your answers below:

    The answer to Cora Dale’s puzzle, “The Museum Heist,” was the Museo Nacional de PRADO. [Download Solution Walkthrough]

    Cora adds this personal note: During the summer of my freshman year, I took a month long trip to Spain to learn Spanish. I didn’t learn much Spanish, but I did learn all about art in the Prado Museum. It was where I discovered my love of art and my favorite artist, Francisco Goya.

    And the answer to Jonathan Nee’s puzzle, “Knight’s Tour” was MT ROYAL PARK, a beautiful park in Montreal. [Download Solution Walkthrough]