MSP’s berry farm is booming this season! The only thing is, we seem to have lost track of which berries we planted where. Can you help our Chief Berry Picker out? Click on a fence post within the 18×20 grid to find out what berry-lined fences connect it to one of its adjacent posts (fences can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal)! No two fences cross, and no two fences of the same berry type meet at an acute angle.

Errata: The fourth column in the top row should be associated with “1 blackberry.” A previous version showed it with “1 blueberry.”

The fourteenth column (fifth from the right) in the sixth row should be associated with “2 blueberries, 1 blackberry.” A previous version showed it with “2 blueberries.”
Sorry about the inconvenience!

Fence choices:

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24 hours after puzzle release, a hint will be available here.

Hide and Seek

Hops the Bunny is playing hide-and-seek with his friends, and he needs your help! Find his eight friends in the puzzles below, and then find out where they come from!

The first friend is hiding in Disney World, standing at the intersection. Among these funhouse mirrors, he doesn’t know which way to go–left or right, up or down! Maybe these characters can help you find him?

The second friend was easy to find, because he was standing in plain sight, studying this odd sign.

267     Mode of Transport

734     Greek Letter

4671   Some boats need these

5423   Ness e.g.

6514   Too

You see the third friend behind the gate to Halloween Town, but it’s locked. “We need a key!” Hops cries.

A bunny in a doorman costume skips over. “I can let you in, but first, do you want to hear a joke in my language?”

“Sure,” you say.

The doorman clears his throat. “Cec yms dhwp rdh qrmpy wimsr rdh tpwzy kmlqrhp pwiier? Er vwq w dwph-pweqelb rwej!”

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw the fourth friend, Maggie slipping inside this hedge maze. You and Hops tried every path, but you weren’t fast enough to catch up! To find Maggie, can you make Hops a quick bunny–and hopefully find a few Easter treats along the way?

“Every time we play hide-and-seek, Graham hides in here,” Hops says, as you walk towards a familiar-looking grid in the distance. “I keep telling him, ‘No, no, Graham, please just try to hide somewhere else,’ but does he listen? No, no!”

The sixth friend, Sue, found her own familiar-looking grid to hide in.

Not to be outdone by Sue, the seventh friend found yet another grid to hide in. “It seems like they’re always competing with each other,” Hops complains.

The eighth friend, thankfully, did not follow suit and hide in a grid.

“I have to warn you, Joe is a little strange,” Hops says, walking beside you in the forest. Suddenly, a clown jumps out from behind a tree. Startled, you both scream.

Joe takes off his clown mask and laughs. “Got you!” he cries triumphantly.

“Aww, don’t be mad,” he says, seeing your angry glares. “I heard a great riddle and I wanted to share it with you. Want to hear it?”

You and Hops nod. Joe grins and says:
“What do you call a sapphire that’s good for measuring energy?”

“Umm, I give up–”

“Here’s another. What kind of song will always remind you of your debts?”

“I giv–”

“What do you call a horseman that never gets any sun?”

“Err, I–”

“This one’s my favorite. What animal part is always a yes for me?”

“I don’t know, I really have to go–”

“Just one more! What plant part is a way to get somewhere?”

“No more riddles! That’s quite enough for one day.” With that, you run away to meet up with the rest of the friends.

24 hours after puzzle release, a hint will be available here.

Critters in my Pants

I’ve been feeling this itch in my legs for quite some time. Maybe it’s the critters that I keep in my pants wherever I go, be it Celadon, Pewter or Viridian. I kept a record of them in a list, but the little guys found it and messed it up. I think they are trying to tell me where to go next, now that we’re in Seoul…

Now in the original language!
No 24-hour hint was posted for this puzzle.

Robot Tug-of-War

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the first-ever annual tournament of… Robot Tug-of-War! To start, we’ll have each team of two or thr–

…uh-oh, hold up! It looks like some of our participants have fallen apart under the pressure. Can you help piece together the robots, label each one’s name, and recover the eight team names? After that, match the teams up for the tournament face-offs by what they have in common, which will in turn tell you where in Seoul the tournament is being held. Good luck!

Here’s what we’re working with…

To help you, here are some blueprints from when the robots were originally being designed:

Click for details. Good luck!

24 hours after puzzle release, a hint will be available here.