K-Pop Hit

Now that we’ve scoped out all the top K-Pop bands with last week’s puzzle, we’re ready to compose a hit single of our own! Based on the band poster and instrumental sample, can you figure out what Seoul location inspired our new song?


24 hours after puzzle release, a hint will be available here.

Reminder: after this week, we’ll be taking our mid-season break. The next puzzle will be posted on Apr. 3rd, 2019!


Of Boys And Girls

Maybe if you found the liaison between these groups, the place where they sometimes meet with their fans will be clear…

Highest purity for a jewelry material
Notorious rapper
Acronym related to movie making
Montreal commuter rail
Mov. starring Will Smith
1970’s rock subgenre
Sci-fi military video game franchise
Gritty film genre
Hanna-Barbara canine character
Letter in the NATO alphabet
Shedding-card game
One of the five senses
Parts of a bird
You can find it on SpaceX patches
Famous British scientific journal
Black and white traffic sign
US department store
Title one can get in a competition
Scientific explosion
Common battery size
Paul Harvey used to say this
Common character in social media
School subject
Cryptocoin related to space
Female MGS character
Has been a WWF and WWE champion
Sweet pain?
Deep Purple album
Common polygon
Book protagonized by Philip Marlowe
Male significant other
What a student might do (while studying)
Type of cupcake
Number between ten and twenty

24 hours after puzzle release, a hint will be available here.