Ring Around The Rosie

ESSEX and XENA are trying to figure out the AIM of this bizarre anti-MSP operative, but their only clue so far is a single rose PETAL. They would LIKE to determine where in the city they should go to EXAMINE this situation further. Where in New York City should they go?

  • Clown
  • Layered vegetable
  • Organically
  • Join animals
  • Tidal movement
  • Figure of speech
  • It’s red, hot, and flowing.
  • Real
  • Cow catching device
  • Intersect
  • One of two things I share with my brother
  • Type of drum
  • Immobile body
  • Cruel-hearted
  • Homey pasta dish
  • Era that started July 16, 1945
  • It has a crown and a root
  • Massive
  • Hash tag to seize the moment
  • Michigan’s rival school, abbrev.
  • Two dots
  • “It’s not my first _.”
  • Big bird
  • Walk or hoist
  • Excitedly looking forward to something

  • Be overly passionate about something
  • Personal brand
  • At any time
  • Romantic guy
  • Cake’s finishing touch
  • Light unit
  • Starry Night home
  • Wonderland visitor
  • Feeling
  • Rice with a topping
  • Change
  • Move up
  • Teacher
  • Country-themed
  • Long period of being out
  • One paid to pretend
  • In the midst of
  • Illegal markings
  • Unrealistic
  • This little fellow can snap shut
  • First half of famous art piece
  • Large landlocked nation
  • Top room
  • Mess
  • Rock Starr
  • Put or call
  • Type of woman Clinton is, according to Trump
  • Sweet potato impostor


Afraid of the Dark

We somehow ended up in the woods of upstate New York all alone, with just a single small flashlight. I’m scared! Who knows what animals might be around? Please help me figure out what five types of animals are in this forest, and then how many of each. Last but not least, what basement restaurant would the animals like us to visit when we’re back in the city?

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Who Loves You?

We have some secret admirers asking us out on strangely specific but otherwise amusing dates! The four letters are mysteriously signed, but their writers hid their identities within them. Can you figure out any answers about the WHEN, the WHERE, the WHAT, and most importantly the WHO? (Like usual, the final answer will be just one New York City date spot.)

227 Mott St.
Apt #4
New York, NY

Dear Alan,

I swoon for every expression on your face, from eye rolling to melancholy sighs to full-toothed laughter. I so greatly respect you and those in your intellectual milieu. Re: Kate, Sandra, and all of those other ex-lovers? I’ll never speak with them again. When we’re together, I feel that my soul is bonding with yours on a higher level than ever before. How do you feel about sipping tea, eating lemons, and sharing eclairs at 2:00?

Your Secret Admirer,

5 Cavalier Sq.
Apt #3
Hopewell, VA

Dear Tanya,

It would be a classically dull oaf error if I missed this opportunity to tell you how I feel: I want nothing more than to spend Valentine’s Day with you. Let’s frolic around in the sand all day at the beach, and then enjoy a beautiful sunset evening and magical starlit night. And now, I do what I must: I let tonight’s invitation linger at your door, and anticipate your reply by 2:00. Anything would be fun together–whether you’re into untying shoes, reading obituaries, or washing apples, I’m thrilled to do it with you.

Your Secret Admirer,

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Three Cheers

Hip hip hooray, the new season is here! On the MSP Varsity Cheerleading Squad, the team members always shout three words as they move into a new FORMATION: A word contained (“Rain!”), a rhyming word (“Carnation!”), and definition word (“Arrangement!”). Can you figure out what words they’re forming for the following routines? Then, by putting them all together, you’ll be able to figure out where in New York City this year’s most spectacular routine will be taking place.


Note: Mission Street Puzzles’ interactive puzzles are best viewed in the Chrome browser.